Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Why Haven't You Done Another Blog Post?"

I want to begin by stating I am truly humbled at the requests I've had to post more to this blog.

I thought this site was kind of like when you try to tell someone a long disconnected dream that you had and, while you find it absolutely fascinating, as you retell it you start to notice the blank stares and courtesy laughs of those who were fortunate enough NOT to experience your nocturnal imagination in full swing. In fact, it is one of the most difficult things I've tried to do, as a mother, to feign interest in one of my childs' dreams, especially when they want me to hear about it before my brain has been treated to its morning 'cup o joe'.

However, I digress. I was once asked why I stopped writing and as I responded, "Yeah, it has been awhile hasn't it?" A quick response shot back, "June 16th, that was the last entry." I was taken by surprise to learn that there was someone out there awaiting to hear more from me. So I vowed I'd write another post, that night. That was two months ago.

I tried to reason with myself why I hadn't written for so long. I love doing it, so I certainly don't look at it like it's a chore. I came up with a long list of excuses:
  1. Since we moved in April I've been so busy....
  2. By the time I get the kids to bed I'm exhausted....
  3. Maybe my life just isn't that interesting anymore...
But then I realized:
  1. I'm less busy than I was before I moved.
  2. I'm a night owl, I usually don't get to bed until after 12 am.
  3. My life never was interesting, I was just able to make people think it was.
I am only half-way joking about the last one. I think it boils down to two actual reasons, both of which I am ashamed. One, I haven't looked for the fascinating among the mundane and therefore have fooled myself into thinking I have a serious case of writer's block; and two, when we moved we got cable T.V. Enough said.

So here I am writing an entire post about why I haven't written. Let the entertainment begin!!

Blips of my life in the past three months and therefore possible future posts:


  1. Finally! Since you are a very private person, this is the best way for me to get to really know you without prying. I have always known that you are a talented writer, and it is obvious that I'm not the only one. Keep em coming, love you

    1. Thank you for recognizing my need for privacy. This blog gives me the opportunity to open up and share parts of my life that I may not feel comfortable sharing otherwise. Thank you for your interest.